Frequently Asked Questions

You've got Questions? We've got answers.

I have thousands of patient records on paper, how do I get started?

There are two ways you can get started:

  1. Work with a local scan service provider to digitize the records for you and upload the digital version on to Klinify.

  2. Start using Klinify for new patients and slowly transition into a paperless clinic. Klinify was designed with transition in mind.

Speak to our customer success team to understand more about how our existing customers have come onboard.

What hardware do I need to get started?

You will need at least one S-Pen enabled Android tablet to get started.

You can use any scanner to scan new documents. We have a scanner agnostic desktop application that will help you with uploading documents onto our servers seamlessly.

Why do you only support the Samsung Galaxy Note series?

The writing technology on the Galaxy Note series is far superior than that of any other tablet on the market. We believe others will be following suit soon.

Are you only available in Singapore?

Absolutely not! Klinify is a cloud-based service and you can use it from anywhere. We store your data in Amazon data centers (which are located in Singapore, Japan, Australia, China, Ireland, Germany, US, Brazil). Please refer to your local regulations to check if you can use Klinify in your location.

Do get in touch with us if you have questions and we will do our best to assist you.

I want a complete Clinic management solution.

While our focus is to build the best tool for you to manage patient records, we understand that you may need Klinify to work with your existing clinic management system for a seamless experience. We will be happy to work with you / your vendor to integrate Klinify into your existing system. We are also looking make a public API available in the near future to allow anyone to integrate with us.

There are great solutions like Timely and Cliniko for practice management.

Can I use Klinify as a standalone solution to manage just my patient records?

Absolutely! We designed Klinify to work independently. Use it just like you would use a stack of paper case notes alongside any existing systems you use for practice management.

How much of the data in Klinify is structured data?

Currently we capture the following as structured data:

  1. Patient Profiles

  2. Current Medication

  3. Allergies

  4. Prescriptions

  5. Orders (Labs, Imaging, etc.)

The rest of the data is stored as unstructured data or images. The handwriting is captured and saved as an image.

Do you plan to capture more structured data in the future?

We are moving towards capturing more structured data by leveraging on a mix of new technologies. Keep a look out for our new feature releases. Our design philosophy is simple, Doctors keep doing what you do, the technology should do the heavy lifting.

Where do you store your data?

We have a modular backend. This means you can have your data stored in the cloud or locally. The application and the data are separate. We will be able to push updates and track bugs as long as Klinify resides on a server that is connected to the Internet.

How long will implementation take?

Implementation time depends on your current level of infrastructure. Assuming the clinic has a good wifi environment in the outpatient department, it would take us roughly 2 weeks to set up for about 100 doctors.

What hardware is required for an implementation?

The basic hardware requirement for Klinify at a hospital are Android tablets, network printers, desktop/laptop computers and a server. Take note, Klinify requires a wifi environment to function.